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Meet the Characters


The main character on this site. Maya is fifteen years old and has long, brown hair and is pretty short, five feet, two-and-a-half inches. That may seem average height for a fifteen-year-old, but most of her friends are at least a couple inches taller than she is. Maya's mother recently died, and now she, her dad, her brother, and Lisa have moved to Howardson Bay.


Anthony is Maya's ten-year-old brother. He has brown hair and is always wanting to get into trouble. He is one of Maya's only friends in Howardson Bay, though. Anthony easily made four new friends. They love to terrorize Maya. Anthony is four feet, ten inches and growing. He will probably soon pass up Maya's height, which isn't exactly a pleasant thought, at least not to Maya.

Mr. Sanders

Mr. Sanders is the father of Maya and Anthony. He is forty-three years old and is a marine biologist. He's often away and can't spend much time with the children, but he spends as much time as he possibly can. He trusts Lisa to have a good time with the kids and keep them occupied. Mr. Sanders is very well-known in Howardson Bay and is respected by many people. He has brown hair, like his children.


Lisa is the caretaker of Maya and Anthony, kind of like a second mother to them, except they aren't quite used to her yet. She has wavy shoulder-length blonde hair and was hired by Mr. Sanders a few months after Maya and Anthony's mother died. She is thirty-two and works part-time as an assisstant in Mr. Sanders' lab. Lisa lives with the Sanderses, but she and Mr. Sanders are not in love. She's just an assisstant.