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Hi, everyone. It's me, the creator of Marine Lives. My family and I decided to move two months ago. Since then we've been really busy. Now I'm staying at my cousin Cassia's house until our house gets painted. Our computer isn't even hooked up yet! So you can e-mail me at Cassia's address, Thanks. Also I will try to update soon. In the meantime, you can now read a little about me. The link is near the bottom with all the other links.

How will a girl, her brother, and her father cope with the death of a beloved one?

Fifteen-year-old Maya Sanders and her ten-year-old brother, Anthony, live with their father in Beachshore. Their mother died less than a year ago, and now they are on their own. Mr. Sanders, a marine biologist, is constantly busy and barely has any time to spend with his children. Dr. Lisa Tollison has stepped into the lives of Maya and Anthony, caring for them and taking them places. This is the story of Maya, Anthony, Dr. Tollison, Mr. Sanders, and what happens in the lives of a family coping with the loss of a beloved one.

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Part I

Chapter One: Maya Chapter Two: The Move Chapter Three: Summer
How will Lisa affect Maya's life? Find out in this story. Set in June of 1998. Maya and her family move to the house their mother has put in her will for them. Set in late August of 1998. Coming Soon: Maya finds out a secret about her new friend Summer. Set in early September of 1998.

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