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Hi, everyone! It's me, Melissa, creator of "Marine Lives," and I finally learned some HTML! :-0 You would think after four years of being on the computer I would be able to.

Let me explain a little about me. I am 16, born March 12, 1983. I'm an only child, and I live with both of my parents. Actually... right now I'm living with my cousin Cassia, who was born only two months and four days after I was. She's also an only child. Her parents are my mom's sister, Ellen, and her husband, Carl. Cassia and I are best friends.

I used to live in Vermont, but now we're moving to Delaware. Our house is getting painted, and we're sensitive to paint, so we're living with Cassia, who lives in New Hampshire. My parents go back and my forth to our new house almost every day to supervise it! It should only take about a week more, though. They're also fixing it up. Once school starts I'll have to go there, unless our house is ready.

Now onto a little more about me. I have one cat, Veronica, who is the love of my life. She is black and I got her for my thirteenth birthday. Which just happened to be the Thursday before Friday the 13th. Hmm. I also love swimming and anything that has to do with water. I want to go into marine biology when I'm in college, which is what inspired me to do this website. I collect candles and Gund stuffed animals. My room is (well, was) packed with them. Now they're the ones who are moving boxes (LOL). My favorite color is light blue.

Cassia's dad's work has a scanner, so if I can get to it I may scan some pictures. Maybe some I drew of Maya, too.